Saturday, June 20, 2009

If humans had tails..

What would the world be like if human beings had tails? Would it be any different?
It would all be very different of course! Tails, apart from all the other existing body parts would contribute to defining our personalities!
A person like my mother for instance would have another part of the body which would need a cover. And what would a cover for the tail look like? The fashion world would go crazy making tail clothes! O all the designs and styles!!
Tail ends would be coloured in bright bubble gum colours to attract attention.

Forget all that, having tails would change the most fundamental of human activites, i.e, sitting, shitting and peeing!
I imagine there would be chairs with holes just for our tails and the loos would be designed in an entirely different manner.

The length of the tail would be a point to consider in arranged marriages.

Actors would go in for surgery to have better looking tails.

Our favourite pastime would be to straighten our tails!

To think about it.. It would be an entirely different world!

Oh the possiblities are various and endless. Can't wait to hear other idea. Drop them in the comments column.

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mihir said...

hehe nice one !! :P