Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He lived, he died. so what. Why MJ doesn't inspire..

Michael Jackson. A name that brings to mind the picture of a ghostly pale scary looking man who could well be Lord Voldemort's younger brother. He died an untimely death last bringing his bizzare life to an end. The news of his death shocked the world into tears and many paid moving tributes. The media as it always does went beserk covering the circumstances of his death like it made a difference to tousands of the pop "icon's" fans. I have nothing against MJ or his numerous fans.

However great his music might have been, it does not excuse him being a paedophile and drug addict. It's not a nice thing that he built barriers around him to make himself look mysterious! His life was bizzare to say the least and hardly something to celebrate. Why I am surprised many even consider him as their icon and hero. No, surprise is incorrect, it makes me laugh how the world is celebrating the life of someone who if not for his fame would have been looked down upon in a sane society. I'm not being hard on Jackson. But pause for a moment and think about what he has achieved and the power he had to influence and how wonderfully he has misused it!

How the world is celebrating his life and mourning his death is a reflection of the times we live in. He may have been a musical great but he should have been condemened for his lifestyle and eccentrities. It is just not fair how a paedophile in the neighbourhood is treated so differently from a pop star who indulges in similar activities. Of course I do no suggest the paedophile should be treated like the pop star. It should be the reverse. If we didn't encourage this freak of a music star he wouldn't be this great.

It's shocking how we receive negative news. There is no end to our hunger for such news.. What nonsense! Are we such mindless people that we can't discriminate between what's wrong and what's right! Let's not blame the media for all this. The media just plays to the galleries and mints money. It is we who choose what the media should cover. MJ doesn't deserve all this limelight. It is stupid and dangerous to pay much attention to mentally ill attention seeking idiots. How difficult would it be to find a great musician with a clean image. Look at all the composers of ancient India and others like Mozart. Their music was inspired by nature, their music wasn't the result of the high one gets on consuming drugs! Jackson' creativity grew out of frustration. How frustration is celebrated I fail to understand.

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