Thursday, June 18, 2009

I once made Biriyani..

I may have written about this earlier(maybe I mentioned it in passing), so if reading this gives you a sense of deja vu don't blame yourself. On another level, thank you for reading this blog frequently or the whole of it!
So, I once made Biriyani. The story goes thus.
My mother and father(collectively known as my parents) had gone to Chennai last year on some work, leaving my elder brother and me to fend for ourselves. Correction : leaving me to feed the two of us! Because somehow by some strange unheard of elder brothers are lazy bums syndrome my brother justified his inaction. Anyway, moving on to my secret recipe.
So there I was, standing in the kitchen on a sunday morning, trying to make the sunday..special! And being a Hyderabadi, the idea of making biriyani struck me!
There were some weeds stopping me from getting to the mango tree though!
First, I do not know how to cook. Second, I am a lousy cook. Third, I had no idea how to make biriyani.
Me being me, I wouldn't give up on the idea as sanely adviced by my brother. I thus rely on my memory to recall how my mother makes the delicious biriyani she makes.
A note on my memory: it is just an ounce more reliable than Ghajini's!
And now for the Holy Grail! I realise making biriyani was the easiest. Poof!
Just boil the rice and vegetable together and finally add the masala and it's ready to eat! Tada!
And we ate it that day..sans the masala(there wasn't any in the fridge!). I leave it to your imagination to conjure up a taste. I hope you have a really wild imagination for the sake of my recipe :).