Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Why?

Here is a sign that it is a chaotic world : Akshay Kumar getting a national award. Just why did Akshay Kumar of all the non-national awardee public figures in the country get the Padma Shri? I am ready to concede that Aishwarya Rai is being awarded for winning the Miss World title way back when, overlooking the facts that her in-laws and Amar Singh are family(nothing else explains his presence on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival!) and that Amar Singh may well have threatened to bring the government down if Aishwarya was not awarded. Coming back to Akshay Kumar, a man who has himself gone on record to say that his films make no sense whatsoever. What eactly is the critirea for these "prestigious awards"? Box-office hits? Or a rags to riches story? Or being a good cook? Or waitamint! Is it being a celebrity guest on the most saddistic and brainless TV show -- Roadies(ok, it requires brains to"survive"(oh, for crying out loud!) but not the sane kind!). Now i won't be surprised if Akshay Kumar is found campaigning this election season! If not campaigning in rural areas he will resort to open admiration to a certain party in all of his interviews! Which in our ignorant country is equivalent to an endorsement by God Herself! So this is what it all boils down to : Politics. Whoever said Bollywood or cricket are the two most money-spinning industries, think again, it is politics stupid! Why else would Sanjay Dutt, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan enter politcs?
Politicians are everywhere, each associated with some film star or the other, openly or discreetly. And these film stars who are supposedly educated and are supposed to educate through meaningful cinema are just helping politicians get votes by keeping people in the dark. They deliver campaign speeches like they are monologues in a film hardly caring for the content.
In the end, the minority middle-class is a witness to the ruin the country is in(let's not deny it please!)and has at many times been cowardly in not standing up to the babus and neta. Weren't Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh too in a similar minority? Of what use is it to claim that they are our heroes if we cannot repeat what they did!

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SO-DEEP thinking said...

Thanks for the reply and the only "complex" you should have is Vitamin B everything else is just "simply" great. Loved reading your profile on orkut. Do u really have a twin?? Two much of a good thing!!!! Someday i'll tell you the story how I ended up reading your blog, you wouldn't believe it.