Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a poem

I am writing a poem after so long
i know i won't go wrong
because there are no rules (to write a poem)
so i won't get the blues.
this is such crap!
So if you are a "fan" of my poems
i know i haven't disappointed you by writing something sensible
do you realise it is a reflection of who you are-- totally senseless?
O, well i think i have disappointed you.
o what crap!
this is a trap!

So what makes this a poem?
it doesnt rhyme
at all this time
what makes it one
is that it has just 3-4 words in each line

I have made an observation
every line has a contradiction
preceding or following it :)

History has been made,
a smiley has been used in a poem,
for the first time in the hisory
of poetry
oh what crap!
oh what a trap!

I shall stop here for now =D


"My macrocosm" said...


You keep up that toil!!

SO-DEEP thinking said...

i am writing a comment
and even though i say so
i am just typing it
as they say "on the go"
congrats for being a pioneer
of using synbols in a poem
but i guess there is something queer
that neanderthals did the same
but as history repeats itself
you'll surely evolve
when the age of cavemen returns
fighting each other to solve
everything, you'll be a patron
ohh wait i guess its here already
so let me correct the error
and congratulate for fine poetry
with a request for another