Saturday, March 7, 2009

the auto

Have you seen the auto? I mean THE AUTO that's doing the rounds in delhi these days? The one that has the suvidhas of water, phone and fan completely muft? And you are also charged what the meter reads? Unbelievable! But true.
So the other day after college got over late-- at 330, we all head to the gate dreading to face the "rejections" from the autowallahs! So while we are all looking for autos to go back home, meera and vidhi see The Auto and quietly slip into it. Turns out they already knew such an auto existed and meera had described t melino which explained why melino was peeking into an auto!
It doesnt even look morbid. It has a bright and colourful "behind", advertising all it's unique services!
Really, i don't know what punya meera and vidhi did to actually travel so effortlessly by public transport in Delhi! As for me, i am still helping others to purify myself and attain public-transport nirvana!


SO-DEEP thinking said...

I thought blogs were not supposed to be fiction. By the description of the Auto it sure sounds like fiction. Maybe you tavelled through a rift in time to another dimension or probably in the future to have come across such an unimaginable thing. Though i still feel like that in the metro, so i can't wait to see it with my own eyes and that will be one time i wouldn't mind being "taken on a ride".

melissa said...

oh no....she did not...i was there...saw with my own clear eyes!!!