Wednesday, November 26, 2008

musical campaigns

If you happen to be at least a half-responsible(you would be complete when u vote) citizen you would know that come this saturday and you as a citizen of India are empowered by the law of the land to vote! And if you happen to be a responsible radio listener and keep track of the latest tracks through one of the most conventional means of mass communication you would know that the most popular soundtrack these days goes something like: dheen dheen dheen dherena congress ko chun na congress hi chun na! Now, before you start reminiscing the good old days when songs were much more meaningful, it would help to know that this is the Congress' election song! The lead voice sounds like she's been picked straight out of the dusty old studios of AIR which is probably true. Another plausible explanation is that the Congress used the same song way back in the 50's for it's campaigns(considering the quality)but the song obviously didn't hold ground when compared with Nehru's campaigns back then!
The BJP ha gone a step backward and has modified lyrics of popular bollywood songs to suit itself. The winner being "nagara nagara"(jab we met) changed to "kabara kabara cong ne dilli ka kabara kiya!" Now, is this the best a party that boasts off Vajpayee could do? Certainly if not the frail old man(who probably has no idea about these "songs") his assistants could have helped if asked and could have done a much better job!
But whatever, like always our politicians have managed to give us an entertaining time during campaign time! No complaints! Now only if they could get the common man singing when they come to power. Maybe change is here too :). I am optimistic beyond belief, I know.

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"My macrocosm" said...

Lol..Politics has gone musical..or rather elections but then music has gone political too(Tho I 9o M writin sumthin cmpletely outta context:0 )

And yea ya post was interestin and worth a smile or two:)