Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing Researcher!

Note : None of what you read in this post will be reported to PETA!
The other day i was reading the newspaper and i came across a report on the findings of an experiment conducted on insects by some scientists. Hmm.. I thought seeing no obvious reason why anyone in their senses would find out insects' behaviour when there is so much more happening in the world(the wars and the economic crisis for instance)! I guessed these scientists must be just like me- looking for something worthwhile to do and get so desperate so as not to discredit their qualifications that they experiment on tiny weeny insects and notice their behaviour! At about the same time i was reading this report i found a cricket hanging out in the room. Now it doesn't take a genius to guess that i ended up conducting my own experiment!
So i fish out my godforsaken totally-useless-phone-if-not-for-the-mp3 and inched closer to the object of study hanging merrily to the curtain. My objective - how do insects react to music.
First i played the soulful introduction of "november rain" the live version and then "naagin" by decibel. The cricket reacted to november rain by fluttering its wings- whatever thats supposed to mean and to naagin it just crawled behind the curtain, obviously scared! Ah well i was looking for some head banging there!
After the success of the experiment(i didn't get stung or bitten or whatever it is that crickets do apart from making annoying noises at night when people are trying to sleep)i was elated i had joined the league of all the great scientists whose names i don't care to remember.
Hey, you'll remember me for writing this post about whatever i did!

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"My macrocosm" said...

Yours is indeed a chaotic world! I couldn't control myself from laughing..No offends to the cerebral ideas of the great writer, scientist, practitioner and entertainer;)
Your research invites loadza applause....BRAVO!!!
:) ;) :)