Friday, August 8, 2008


I cook these days.
Yes, that's right I COOK these days. What has brought me to do this?
My mother's other duties towards my beloved little-forever-because-shes- the- last- born sister. My mother has gone to drop my sister at her college in the south leaving me to feed myself and my brother and my father(for just three days, albeit). Before my mother abandoned me to fate and hunger and self-cooked food for 2 weeks i was excited at the prospect of living almost alone(almost owing to my elder brother's presence). I dreamt of staying up late into the night doing all the things i do in day(which amounts to nothing), calling friends over for the night,watching tv from 10 pm to 8am and other such juvenile aspirations!
So, on the first Day of Glory i wake up to the rythmic sound of the knife hitting the cutting board every time the vegetable were cut by my...FATHER!!
I suddenly realise the mountain of things i had to do that morning before going to college and i spring out of bed and rush to the kitchen (after a brief stop in the loo) to find my father had already begun the long boring and cumbersome process of cooking. I enter, dad leaves.
Now its just me versus the ingredients. Achivement of the day: i managed to do my class 5 chem project-volcano when the rasam erupted!
MY friend asked me this morning, you know how to cook? WOW! Uff,i reply what is so wow about it?just need to know the ingredients required put them in the pan one by one(no particular order)wait for their colours to change (not black) and tada! something edible is ready! My friend made a mental note of never coming over for a meal if ma isn't around. I am as glad as her!
Since the day ma left, I've spent a record amount of my time in the kitchen, and all the other things i was excited about just haven't happened. As much as i sound like ma, the cooking and travelling to college and attending college(my chief occupation) tires me down!
10 pm 10 8 am tv? heck, i can't even catch the shows i regualrly watch on primetime!
Really, i will never cook (not that others want me to). I'l hire a cook or even marry one but will never do it myself!

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Scarlett O'Hara said...

kool yaar, u rite well. but i rlly think cookin shudn't b such a punishment for you(okk, i'll quit my chatting nd msgin,there i go again, short forms)i lovee cooking(not cooking that you do) don't for god's sake make sambhar nd rice. We south indians get to eat that every god damn day(it's really healthy without a doubt)but even then. make junk food yaar(don;t give me the excuse that you go to the nearest mc dz and get one without putting the effort) but believe you me that once you start baking and cooking things like pasta(recipies you can take from me), you wont be waging a war against all those ingrediants :)