Thursday, August 7, 2008

the black sheep!

I hail from a family of..hostelers. At some point or the other of their lives,all my avakaya(fancy name for mango pickle)-loving relatives--with whom i have spent the better part of my pre-teen summer holidays,have just seen,have just heard of or just know exists has or is or will stay in a hostel. That makes me the black sheep of the family-nuclear& exteneded for being the only one who has completed 19 and has not spent a day or even an hour in a hostel. what a pity,my brother said,who himself spent 4 respectable years in hostel. It's not like i did not try to make to a res college, i did, i gave around 7 gruesome entrances to make it to a hostel via the course i'd be studying at the college. Alas, i wasn't a part of the Divine plan that Providence had designed for my family-nuclear and extended. so, i am a "simple" day schi(sounds so much cooler than res!)doing something called political science honors and who hopes to be something called a social worker in the words of a relative(distant but close, as ma puts it,get it?i dont!)whose anonymity is the price of my safety!
The most recent addition to the great hostel legacy in my family is my sister,yes my "real"(what's so hard to believe??) sister!
So the day my sister decided to opt for a certain greek-sounding science course down south(duh),it was just something consequential that she would spend her first 4 years of adulthood in her college hostel despite the fact that she could well live with either of the two mousies living in chennai,i mean aunties, and be like me-a day schi. But, why be a day schi when u can be a hosteler. So, the fees --the cost of "maintaining" my sister for a whole year--was duly paid. then followed the discussions where i played the dummy, what to do in a hostel,what to share what not to share where all the talking was done by my brother. Confession of a mute spectator: i felt left out! I mean,it's not like my sis was already in hostel,it was just immediate future not past perfect or present tense! worse still, i was asked to shut up when i would present something i had conjured in the hostel life of my imagination.
Hurt? Nay! They don't realise i am the only one who knows what its like to be a day schi-travelling in bluelines,braving the heat,rain(just this year, thanks to Global Warming)and cold,eating ma ke haatho ka khana for longer than anyone else in my family has dared to,getting to go out everyday of the week and not just twice or thrice..ah the good life!

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