Saturday, October 13, 2007

Being single aint easy

I've been single all my life and i like it like this simply because i haven't tasted what its to be in a relationship, and i am not desperate either. I am happy knowing that someday it will be my turn. Meanwhile I have enough time to call "my" time, i don't have to sacrifice, i don't have to tell someone(apart from my mom, at times!) what I do every moment of the day, and I don't have to look good/dress up for anyone, etc. etc. Being single is are the only "single" among your friends. Here's why:

a) In today's world its a crime not to be "involved" with anyone. And if you aren't many a time friends turn into match makers(let me remind you that in our culture retired people make matches)

b) Biggest drawback, if you aren't careful enough you will soon be an agony aunt. People in relationships will come upto you for "advice" and you will be left speechless since you never were in your friend's position and don't really know how it feels. But then you don't want to be rude and just give whatever first comes to your mind(or advice straight from your favourite romantic novel, a bit altered of course).

c) you are asked constantly why you don't have a boyfriend despite being in college. It's as if you lost out on an important criterion for admission. And if you retort by saying that you really don't care, the other person responds as if you are some kind of a saint.("oh!it's hard to find people like you!"). And you would want to further retort by saying-- DUH! But you don't because you want the conversation to end then and there!

d) You sometimes wonder if you are gay/lesbian.

e) You are always, ALWAYS after your friend's partner in her priority list. And will always get responses like "sorry, i don't have time, you know why..." when you want to meet up. They don't even have to make some effort to make up some excuse!

So you see, it aint easy being's just not as simple as it seems!


hands clean said...

And truer words were never spoken...
it srsly is irritating and frustrating wen ur blessed frends go on n on n on abt how hard their life is and how easy it is for u cz u're single.
WEll....see? aint easy!!!

Delphina said...

Being single aint easy, you proved it Miss.Ramya...

But mind you, being committed is tougher!!

And have I ever EVER made excuses when it came to hanging out or something? You are not referring to me, right??

Anyways, really nice post. Very true..

Keep posting!

Artster said...

Nope. It ain't easy at all.

"My macrocosm" said...

Well it aint easier bothwaz..I've tasted water of both d rivers..Newaz life's a loser.Yet v breathe,drink,dream and live learning and yea smiling:)

So cheers to the spirit of matter its present or absent!