Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lesson Learnt

Yesterday, I fought with my parents and ended up being grounded. We fought over whether I should do Seva or not. Rather when I should do Seva. I said now, they said wait till you graduate.

Th air was filled with tension even after the argument and I was stiff and stubborn till Siddharth opened my eyes this evening. We were discussing the events that led to my being grounded. Our conversation steered to if my parents were anti- Art Of Living. Mum isn't Dad kind of is, I said.

Siddharth told me what Rishiji had said at Gyan Ganga last month. Rishiji had said, if the people around you are anti- AOL then it's your fault!

This shocked me! Here I was floating in my advanced course bliss oblivious to the fact that I was defaming my Guru. Guruji teaches us only to love and spread love even if the other person is someone you don't like.

Then I realised being all stiff and stubborn at home was just giving my parents the impression that this was some teenage obsession that would pass like many others previously have. If i continued to behave this way they would definitely turn anti-AOL and I don't want that happeneing!

So when I returned home, I used this knowledge that had just dawned and was back to being friendly with my parents. I went back to my nature i.e happiness and love realising that the past 24 hours I had wasted a lot of time giving importance and wasting energy on things which didn't come naturally to me. Even if the circumstances I am in are sad and depressing, happiness is what is my nature!

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Siddharth said...

:) Amazing knowledge by Rishiji na : )

The day is not far, when your parents inspired by you will accompany you for satsangs and seva activities! :)

Jai Gurudeva!