Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Himalayan idea

I am going closer towards realising my childhood dream of living in the mountains. As a child I had always wanted to go live in the mountains ever since I had seen Heidi! And the Himalayas had and still fascinate me to no end.

So anyway following a recent tumultous experience I have resolved to fulfill my dream. I thought if I have to struggle and live why don't I struggle and live in a scenic place. It'll make it only better. I see no reason why I should work my butt of and be at the receiving end of the uncouth city at the same time!

It may sound like I'm in denial but it isn't the case.

I hope I'll be posting from my beautiful home facing a lake and the mountains in some 4 years' time now.


mihir said...

heya !! mee to loved Heidi !! and love mountains !!! i also hav the same dream !! :) !!! may be we mite turn neighbors ??

chandrika said...

m following you!!