Monday, July 13, 2009

Sudarshan Kriya

Many ask me what the Sudarshan Kriya is and what effects it has. It is a difficult question to answer really, specially the second part. What it is is a breathing excercise. What it achieves is hard to explain. Everyone has had their own unique experience of doing the Kriya and experiencing it's effects. The effects can be generalised as gaining clarity of mind, confidence, concentration among other things.

An idea struck me to explain what the Sudarshan Kriya does to one who practices it.

Here goes.

There was a time around six months earlier this year when i just got tired of combing my hair and making it look neat. So one day i decided to drop my weapon of smoothening hair and just let it be. I used to comb my hair just once in the morning after i woke and got all the tangles out. I have to admit I was in love with the messy look. As time passed I used my fingers to comb my hair and even if I did comb my hair I'd just shake my head again to make it a mess! I loved it absolutely till the summer started and I felt like I had a nest on my head instead of beautiful hair!
So when it got unbearable I picked up a comb and ah! what a relief! My head felt lighter! However in the process in ended up losing a lot of hair since I never combed.

Before you learn Sudarshan Kriya, your life is like my uncombed hair. It's a mess but you don't exactly hate it. You live life with the chalta hai attitude. One fine day the volcano that's been building in you as a result of all the myriad frustrations you bottle up inside you will burst and you'll be a disaster! Then comes the Sudarshan Kriya or the comb in my story and smoothens everything out leaving you peaceful and in a state of bliss!

Sudarshan Kriya is a breathing technique taught in Art of Living workshops.


Siddharth said...

Arreey wah : ) Never read such a wonderful explanation about Kriya :)
Jai Gurudeva!

mihir said...

miles to go with messy hair !!

m sure u in lov with both of em !! ( kriya n messy hair !! )

superb post !!!!