Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shoe Induced Silence

This election, we Indians have vicariously expressed our ire with the political class through our shoe-throwing/chappal-throwing heroes. Yes, it is condemnable and uncivilised. But you cannot deny it gave you a high when you saw the politicians-cutting across party lines- ducking for cover from the common man's weapons!
Their(the poilticians) reactions have been predictable, pardoning the "offenders" and not registering cases against them. And some of them even "understood" why a shoe was hurled at them. This calculated reaction could possibly fetch a few more votes but I see a larger message in this.
However noble and benevolent their reaction might have been, they have at last accepted the gory truth about themselves- that they have no shame or integrity whatsoever. I mean, though they still maintain that they are not in the least bit corrupt, their relative silence over the "shoegate" incidents has actually given them away. Through their non-action, they agree that they deserve to be treated like this. And that to me is victory to the citizens.
Utopian it maybe, but I would want my leaders if they are so saintly as they claim to let the law take its course against the brave offenders. I wouln't want my leader to let go off a wrongdoer if he is actually so self-righteous as he claims to be. A wrong is a wrong and in a society based on concept of rule of law, no one else should have a say. Our politicians are sending a wrong signal to many in this country. Yes, it is upto the offended to register a case, but being in a position to influence, a politician should stick to the law and set an example. Yes, the shoe throwers are my heroes but all said and done they committed an offence under the constitution and should be punished. So, tomorrow, an SC or an ST might be a victim of a similar attack from a close associate but might not bother to register a case whcih is just hampering the image and progress of his community. My idea may seem farfetched but come to think about it, action should have been taken.

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