Friday, September 19, 2008

September 15th 2008

Location: the air waves(conversation over the phone for the lesser imaginative beings)

"stef!b****..guess what!i am going for art of living!", i said

"b**** u!really why?! u ...i mean YOU.. the least religious or spiritual person ever..question remains why?!"stefy replied(those were not her exact words but sum up what she had said).

Six days later, the question stands solved! To know that even adults can be happy, just like kids. Innocently happy!
I admit i wasn't actually looking forward to going for the course,but i wasn't against going either.
So there i found myself on the evening of 15th september on an endeavour that has taught me that adulthood is not all about worries and just thinking how it feels to be a kid. I haven't been this happy since passing out of school two years ago. For two years i was totally unhappy with the changes that college brings to life, and kept wishing i went back to school. To put it simply i was a loser!
For one, it was interesting. At no point did i feel that i was being preached and i had to sit there either because i had to vasool the fee or due to pressure from my mother.
The highlight of the course is of course the Sudharshan Kriya, in short its a breathing technique that reaches you to a higher level of consciousness a.k.a getting high without having to smoke or dope or drink!
The course involves being iron willed-- swear words(explains the b****!!), cold drinks,alcohol, drugs, smoking, non-veg even tea and coffee aren't allowed during the week long duration of the course. But these are a small price to pay to feel truly madly deeply happy!
Our teacher(avinash bhaiyya) promised a week that would change our lives forever, something tells me that his "prophecy" has been proved in my case at least.
Jai Gurudev!


Mohit said...

You are just TOO funny!!!!!
I read some of the stuff u've previously written on yr blog...Totally cracked me up! Y in lord's name did YOU ever feel the need to join "The Art of Living". Unlearn it ALL, right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashish said...

hey dear. it really sounds cool that u have joined the art of living .. its the coolest thing that can happen to u.. take care.. and stay in touch..!!!

"My macrocosm" said...

I js lv d way u write..Itz crazy.N especially ya profile [I managed to reach ya profile js while browsing n orkuttin chirkuttin.. ya wre dre in tat What a bitch community (totally in lvvvvvvvvvv wid tat song)] @ orkut 'ABOUT ME'.. It js managd 2 mk me giggle
Really cool you!!

NOTE:Rememba tat BODMAS rule while readind dis comment..Big bracket Small Bracket

:) :)

anal sengupta said...

nice mann! nice... i know how it must be feelin! u realy needed a break..gud! i liked it :)

"My macrocosm" said...

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