Saturday, September 29, 2007

a poem on stefy

stefy is a drunkard!
she'l go on a rampage in your backyardif u refuse to give her yoghurt..
since shes a drunkard

today she had beer
when i was right here!i askd her fer sme beer
but thn it wasnt fruitbeer
u must be thinking that i like fruitbeer
but ur mistaken my dear!

and now i dnt what to say
i rarely know wat to say
i am always left so speechless
the last paras of my poems are always rhymeless
but i dnt call myself a poet since i am not shmalessi
have reached the poitn where i dnt even make the lil sense i have made so far
pls stefy accept this testimonial as a favvaar!!

1 comment:

"My macrocosm" said...

Whatever it makes sense;)

I kinda lik it!

Namrata Bhardwaj