Thursday, September 6, 2007

a poem about me!

i am out of school which is really coolsince i am no fool
i do not know what else to say nowexcept for wow!
i do not kno y i want to say wow!now thw only word i can think of which rhymes with wow!is how?
i am creativebut not repetitive
i do not have the replay buttonpeople think i am a glutton
i am an expert at not making sensedont u think all this is non sense?
u must be thinkin i am nutsso next time try searching for me in ur kheeroh that does not rhyme but this will be my stylei do not wish to be a great poetthats y i write such crapbut at least i write stuff in clear englishi am not confusing u with arts and thous and if u want simple and non sense poetry u can read my about me a million timesthis cud be my only "work"i am too lazy to write more!i am an expert at not making sense don't u think this is non sense??(i even have a refrain now!)


"My macrocosm" said...

I wasn evn game 2 mke ma brain wrk so dis ws kinda wrking..lest u take care of the capitals and spacing!
(Fo d sake of presentability)

hands clean said...

hehe...been doping mi child? :P :D
i jus remembered why i fell in love with you!!