Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my tech blues!

ok i admit it am not the one whos into gadgets or technology....its a real surprise that i found my way here u kno...
my most recent xperience was ryt here....wateva one means by error on page!hell-o i jus did wat u askd me to!!i dnt mess around on the net...i do wat i am asked to!n i still invaribly end up commitin an error...gawd i rock at that at least!!!
yea so it was early march n i was high on blog fever....my sudden urge to write n write(type n type)got me to blogspot.com....the only tym i heard of it ever b4 was in the news,,,that i heard it was being censored or smethin!
so i create a blog a "ministry" of mine---the ministry of chaos....so i am all jived n start off writin(typin) stuff!click publish.....n i go to my blog's home page


wow its missing!!!
so then i go to the help centre....this place must help me i thot.....but ah i was ignorant!!!
the blog bug that bit jus a lil tym ago had to be debugged!
soon i got some really funny offers frm some run tym error agency guy(they came wit an added attraction u kno the ping!)who sd he wud debug my computer or wateva....he also knew the kind of error that was to b xpected!!!i was like nw thats one cool service...n soon some techy savvy ppl i kno sd that it wasnt smthin fancy it was a problem in my comp. n that it was jus dre to add to my problems!nw whoever askd them to name it "Debug"!
so i curse them for days n come back to post agn..still the same problem...nw i was really "ashamed" that i cudnt find help in help...
i was givn many "solutions" none worked!!!
i xplained to myself that my vaastu or wateva wasnt good wen i started the blog!but still i wudnt give up.... in the maentym i create a world of chaos...n try posting agn... by chance i click on refresh n c smthin new on my page n thot wow nows the tym!!!
so here i am finishd wit my forst ever post!n not knoin wen my nxt one will be!so adieu n chaos to u till the nxt tym..wen am over my xcite ment n will be able to write more clearly!!!


hema said...

u r cute,differnt and above all i like ur frankness so always keep it like tht...

minister of chaos said...


Chaitanya said...

please change language! do not use these short forms too much, frankly it makes a pathetic read! otherwise fine! i did not feel like going beyond the first para!

minister of chaos said...

hmm....i suffer frm the short form syndrome!!!