Friday, March 30, 2007

those were the days....

in a week's time i will be giving my last exam at the school level. quite obviously i am expected to be happy about that. but again i contradict popular belief-- i am not happy that i am giving my last exam! it's sad that i will never give another exam wearing my uniform , i am sad that i will not collect my marks from the school this time round but will look it up on the net...thats so un-(s)c(h)ool! though i haven't been in any of the schools i went to for longer than 3 years i always got attatched to all of them --invariably(even if i didn't want to get attatched to the thankless people in one of the schools). on one of the so many last days in CJM i started crying in school and wept all the way home---only to be consoled by two second standard kids in my bus!i wasn't embarrased. no, that thought didn't even cross my mind, it was just a special way to say good bye and thank you to all my friends through out my school life and i am just sooo happy that my school life ended in a school like CJM... it was undoubtedly one of the best schools i've been to, so much so that only two years being in that school made me feel like i was there all my life! all those times when we used to plan to bunk classes and end up in the classes only to hatch more plans!!! breaking rules in CJM is different from breaking rules in other schools because a) the rules are strict and b) we never actually got seriously punished for doing a wrong!!!in fact we always loved the punishments in CJM because guess what? we were asked to go sit in the lawn as punishment!!!and tthere we used to sit for 2-3 periods at a stretch missing our classes and just talking away to glory!!!
and our hair band blues(reds) gawddd!!! i spent two years along with my friends fantasising how we would torture the hairband once school gets over!
and the ujala stay backs!
the kind of fun we had teaching those kids and arguing as to whose student was worse and in the end cursing that thankless community service teacher for giving us an A2 after all that hard work and toil!
we had a bitch of a principal really...the most irritating and ....words fail to describe her bitchyness!
and the morning assemblies and the canteen and the water cooler!and the mobile traffic signal in the school!and CECILIA with her missing tooth and mrs mathai with her comments which defied logic and mrs guha's shriiiillllllll voice!and behl's attempts at sounding strict!and of course CJM's location which made us regualr customers of pizza hut and mc'd's in CP!
whew!so many memories!!!

i kno my friends from ramajs will say i sound as if i didnt have any fun in ramjas!but that makes for a totally different post!


Delphina said...

Seriously girl, this is THE post! It reminded me of s-kool. Now that its over, I miss it so much. CJM was like my 2nd home and I was so happy, even though we had “SISTER LUCY”. Earlier we used to break rules, messed with the teachers and everything else but now life’s changed. Flipped 180 degress.

I wish Ramya, we became friends in s-kool rather than Orkut, we would have got atleast a chance to eat outside. And it would be sooo cool, if some one saw us bunking s-kool!

CJM RULES…… (though Lucy sucks)

minister of chaos said...

hey!am plannin to take admission again!watsay?

Siddharth Razdan said...

"i kno my friends from ramajs will say i sound as if i didnt have any fun in ramjas!but that makes for a totally different post!"

Where's the post?

(Siddharth Razdan)

minister of chaos said...

whoa!cant belive sm1 frm ramjas made it here!actually cant believe my pryers dint work!dnt worry siddhart there will be one sooon by this sunday!